The Boothby Affair!

Mixmistress Mandy’s Proper Crumpet to be featured at the launch of “The Boothby Affair”

“The Boothby Affair” is a monthly cocktail clinic that will take place at 9:00pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at Sly’s in Carpinteria, CA. Each ticket holder will receive one craft cocktail from Bill Boothby’s cocktail book and one of our specialty cocktails from Sly’s. Mandy and I will demonstrate every step of the construction of each drink and will explain the details of the ingredients being used and how to get your hands on them. Homemade ingredients will be explained and recipes for these ingredients will be handed out along with the recipes for the cocktails. Tickets are $30 per person and there are 8 tickets remaining for August 10th. Our tickets are still being printed right now so the only way to get them is to stop by the restaurant and purchase them in person. For this first class we will have a list of people who have paid and your receipt will be your ticket. This is an “after hours” event and our kitchen closes at 9:00pm on Wednesdays but we will have Onion Rings and other drink friendly snacks for everybody. We encourage safe drinking so making arrangements for a ride home is recommended.

Email us for more info!

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Make Mine A Double EPISODE – II


In true Make Mine A Double fashion, the inaugural public release of this wonderful podcast show is actually our second episode. Our pilot episode should be available here very soon. As of right now, this is the only place to find the show but you should be able to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes any moment. After that, we can call it a podcast.

We are quite used to answering questions and we love feedback. Hit us up!

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Welcome to Make Mine A Double!!

Welcome to our Blog! We will be posting our “podcast” here and on itunes. You can also “Like” us on facebook! Stay tuned for new stuff!

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“Under Construction” is for suckers!

We don’t want to make people wait until we have it “just right” so we have decided that we are going to go ahead and publish as much as possible, as soon as possible.We will be constantly learning about all of this and making adjustments to our stuff. Come along for the ride or just wait and come back in a few months. Checking regularly will be way more entertaining!

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